• ndView
• fluofit
• MatODE
These are some utilities I wrote as part of my research. All software is provided "as is", with no warranty. I might help you with installation problems or fixing bugs, but then again, I might not.

DES A lightweight C++ discrete event simulation library
Pareto-matlab Matlab scripts to plot 3d pareto surfaces
liblog General C/C++ logging/debug functions and macros
libtimer A simple C timer library
libtty A library for some simple TTY functions, such as testing the presence of input
PEPCI Partially Evaluating maniPulative C Interpreter
Featured in our IPDPS 2006 paper. NOTE: this is a prototype and definitely not suitable for immediate use.
ndView N-dimensional image viewer
fluofit Matlab scripts to fit fluorescence spectra, featured in our JoF 2009 paper
CuImage A simple C++ image processing library for CUDA with integrated memory manager
MatODE A Matlab toolbox for interfacing to ODE using an XML interface by Erik Schuitema
ROS docs Documentation of some ROS stuff I wrote for the DBL
RL GUI Matlab toolbox for a reinforcement learning tutorial (accompanying assignments)
GRL Generic C++ reinforcement learning library